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2020 Window Treatment Trends for Homes

2020 Window Treatment Trends for Homes near Federal Way, Washington (WA) including Motorized Window Treatments

Many of us may like to think ourselves above trends, particularly in our homes. There is an idea that those who follow trends do so because they do not feel as creative as others, or because they want to seem cool or trendy. However, trends are not as arbitrary as they may seem. Trends are a way of tracking innovations within a specific industry, and those innovations can serve as a source of inspiration. While this is certainly true for things like clothing or makeup, it is just as true for our home décor. While some trends can certainly show their age after a few years, the tried and true trends always find a way of seeming classic and timeless, even if they are new. If you are interested in peeking into the future of window fashions, we are here to help. Keep reading to let the team at Geneva’s Interiors tell you about 2020 window treatment trends for homes near Federal Way, WA.

Trend #1- Go Natural

Nature never goes out of style, and particularly this year as we find ourselves spending more time inside than we may normally, the allure of nature is particularly appealing. While you can always invest in house plants or cut flowers, there is an easier way to bring the style of Mother Nature into your home, and it is one of the hottest 2020 window treatment trends. Window coverings made from natural materials, like Hunter Douglas’s woven wood shades, are effortlessly trendy, and a great way to make your home feel like a part of the larger world, even if you don’t have the opportunity to go outside. Woven wood shades are versatile, lovely, and naturally calming, so we’re sure you will understand why this trend is so hot right now.

Trend #2- Let the Sun Shine

One of the most important purposes of window fashions is, of course, to provide our homes with light control. However, one of the most interesting 2020 window treatment trends is actually window coverings that provide minimal light control, like Hunter Douglas sheer shadings. Sheer shadings filter light rather than blocking it outright, giving your home a sense of natural illumination that is easier on your eyes than artificial lighting. However, they also provide you with the versatility to get light control when you need it.

Trend #3- Ultimate Convenience

One of the biggest trends in all areas of our lives over the past few years is increased convenience through the use of technology. This is just as true with 2020 window treatment trends as it is for everything else, and one of the best ways to incorporate technology into your home is through the PowerView® automation system. PowerView® allows you to adjust your window fashions quickly and easily through a remote control, your smart phone, or even by connecting your PowerView® automated window treatments to your smart home system.

To learn more about 2020 window treatment trends for homes near Federal Way, WA, contact Geneva’s Interiors today! Our showroom is conveniently located in Federal Way, WA, but we also proudly serve Federal Way, Tacoma, Kent, WA and Des Moines, IA.