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Area rugs

Need to find areas rugs near you? Geneva’s Interiors has all your home decorating needs. The team can help you choose an amazing area rug for your home. Area rugs can instantly change the look and feel of a space, indoors or out. Choosing the right rug depends on you, your style, and your home, and our large selection of Kas Rugs covers the widest range of homeowner needs.

Using Area Rugs

You can enjoy the benefits of area rugs in any room or outdoor living space. A well-placed area rug anchors furniture to create a more grounded space. You can also count on area rugs to reduce noise and to protect your flooring from scrapes, scratches, and dents. Area rugs are more versatile than carpeting and can be quickly changed out to match new decor or the current season. The fibers of rugs, especially wool, act as natural air purifiers by trapping dust and other allergens which are easily removed by vacuuming your rug on a regular basis. Of course, a colorful rug is also a fun way to add visual interest and texture to your room!

Kas Rugs

Kas Rugs has been a leading name in the industry since 1981. A commitment to quality, service, and selection sets the brand apart from its competitors. Kas Rugs carries more than 50 collections of premium area rugs with options for various lifestyle needs.

Outdoor Collection

This collection features rugs made from UV treated polypropylene. The result is an outdoor area rug that will stand up to the elements while maintaining its alluring appearance. Take your pick from over 175 different options, including machine-woven and hand-tufted selections.

The Outdoor Collection from Kas Rugs, outdoor rug from Geneva’s Interiors near Federal Way, Washington (WA)

Transitional & Transitionals Collections

Transitional Collection from Kas Rugs, large area rugs from Geneva’s Interiors near Federal Way, Washington (WA)
Transitionals Collection from Kas Rugs and area rugs near me near Federal Way, Washington (WA)

Transitional style incorporates elements of classic design with modern touches of color and patterns. The Transitionals Collection features 62 rugs in various sizes manufactured with synthetic fibers for ultimate durability and easy maintenance. Explore the larger Transitional Collection for more than 400 options made with natural and blended fibers, including wool and viscose. Hand-tufted and hand-loomed selections are available.

Traditional & Classic Collection from Kas Rugs from Geneva’s Interiors near Federal Way, Washington (WA)

Traditional & Classic Collection

If your preferred aesthetic leans toward designs proven to stand the test of time, this collection is for you. Over 100 options constructed with various natural and synthetic fibers are available, including 100% wool, polypropylene, and polyester rugs.

Rug Layouts

Living Room

You rarely see a living or family room without carpeting or a rug. Rugs add warmth and a cozy feel to this gathering place in your home. Three room layouts are the most commonly used:

  • All Furniture Legs Off The Rug: In a smaller living room a 5’x8’ rug looks best placed in the middle of your furniture with only a coffee table placed in the center of the rug. Choosing this design will give even minimal space a more spacious and airy feel. 
  • Front Legs On The Rug: Placing only the front legs of your furniture on an area rug creates a cohesive aesthetic while saving floor space.  
  • All Legs On The Rug: If the space of your living room allows, use a larger rug and place all of the furniture on it. This style choice will make a large room feel more inviting. A 9’x12’ is a good size to consider for this layout.

Overall, arrange your rug to coordinate with your room’s style, while still leaving your room easily maneuverable. Turned corners will not only scuff your rug, put pose a tripping hazard to you and all your guests.

Dining Room

The most common dining room flooring mistake is choosing a rug that is too small for the space. A good rule of thumb is that the area rug should be large enough for all legs of the chairs to remain on it, even when pulled out for guests to sit down. An area rug should extend beyond each side of the table by about two feet to ensure your rug is neither too large or small.

Outdoor Area

A 2’x3’ indoor/outdoor rug is an ideal accent at the doorway into your home. Increase the size of your area rug to 5’x8’ for more coverage and integrate it with your seating. Your rug can be placed in centrally beneath your furniture or be set beneath only the front legs of your furniture - use the design layout that best fits your outdoor space!

Sizing Guide

Finding the right size of your rug is crucial so it can add the most it can to your room. We suggest using easily removable painters tape to create a visual template on your floor. When considering large area rugs, leave 15”-18” of exposed floor around the rug to ensure it draws the attention it’s meant to. Another tip to keep in mind is that while large rugs will make a room appear more spacious, putting a small area rug in a large room can easily become lost in the space.

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The team at Geneva’s Interiors is excited to offer Kas Rugs, and we looking forward to sharing our excitement with you. Visit us and create a whole home look with fabrics, custom bedding, and Hunter Douglas window treatments. Get in touch with us today and start the search for a beautiful, stylish area rug for your home. Our showroom is in Federal Way, WA, and we are proud to serve Federal Way and the surrounding Tacoma, Kent, and Des Moines, WA areas.