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Custom Hunter Douglas Honeycomb Shades for Homes

We all have things that we would like to spend money on things like sports cars, spa trips, luxury vacations, designer clothes, and five-star meals don’t exactly come cheap. But while we may want to spend money on these things, there are unfortunately things that demand our money first: things like mortgage payments, car repairs, piano lessons for our children, and vet visits for our pets. One such non-negotiable expensive is our energy bills. Living in the twenty-first century means that we can’t function in our homes without electricity, which allows us to see in the dark, use appliances, as well as use our heat and air conditioning. Energy is one of the largest utility bills you have to contend with, so wouldn’t it be great if you could find an easy way to lower it? Luckily, we have just the thing. Keep reading to let the team at Geneva’s Interiors tell you about the many benefits of custom Hunter Douglas honeycomb shades for homes near Tacoma, WA.

Custom Hunter Douglas Honeycomb shades for homes near Tacoma, WA with energy efficiency benefits

Energy Efficiency

Custom Hunter Douglas honeycomb shades are a lot of things - stylish, versatile, impressive - but perhaps their most striking attribute is their energy efficiency. In fact, that is why they were created: in order to find an easy way for homeowners to respond to the twentieth century energy crisis, Hunter Douglas designed an innovative new window shade that could stop energy leakage from the place where it typically occurred: a home’s windows. They do this through their uniquely designed cells, which resembled a beehive’s honeycombs, and which trap air from entering or leaving through your window. Not only does this ensure that your home actually feels like the temperature you set your HVAC system to, but it can also save you money by not forcing you to pay for energy you are literally throwing out the window.

Design Versatility

Most of us would like our homes to be more energy efficient, but many of us stop short of making major changes like installing solar panels. Why is that? One of the main reasons is because they disrupt the look of your home in exchange for increased efficiency. Hunter Douglas thinks that you shouldn’t have to compromise on the efficiency of your home by sacrificing style, which is why custom Hunter Douglas honeycomb shades are available in a wide selection of designs - like roller shades and roman shades - to blend seamlessly into the fabric of your home.

Unique Operation

The customization of custom Hunter Douglas honeycomb shades doesn’t stop once you have a finished shade and are ready to add it to your home. After all, what is a window treatment you can’t operate? Because of this, Hunter Douglas offers options for how you would prefer to operate your cellular shades. Whether you prefer the design of a roller shade, roman shade, or a traditional honeycomb shade, all Hunter Douglas window coverings are easy and simple to operate manually. However, you can also choose to upgrade your shades to use the PowerView® motorization system. This allows you to achieve the most from your ease of use, as well as your energy efficiency.

To learn more about custom Hunter Douglas honeycomb shades for homes near Tacoma, WA, contact Geneva’s Interiors today! Our showroom is conveniently located in Federal Way, WA, but we also proudly serve Federal Way, Tacoma, Kent, WA and Des Moines, IA.