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Hunter Douglas Woven Wood Shades for Homes

When it comes to interior décor, a lot of the biggest trends are actually imitations of other things rather than genuine creations. Think about it: the beauty of floral printed fabrics is actually drawing on the beauty of real flowers. Every landscape painting is trying to remind you of the beauty of the natural world. So much of what we use to beautify our homes is trying to remind us of what exists outside of them. This is understandable: Mother Nature has an incredible artistic eye and wanting to bring that into your home is only natural. But you can get a lot closer to the real thing than buying some silk flowers or buying still life paintings to hang in your kitchen. If you want to bring the beauty of the natural world into your home, keep reading to let the team at Geneva’s Interiors tell you about Hunter Douglas woven wood shades for homes near Federal Way, WA.

Hunter Douglas woven wood shades for homes near Federal Way, Washington (WA) with impressive benefits

What are woven wood shades?

Window shades are some of the most versatile, stylish, and functional window coverings. Chances are, you have some form of window shades in your home right now, whether they’re roller shades, roman shades, or another style. Hunter Douglas woven wood shades are a stellar addition to the pantheon, bringing a natural flair to classic window shade styles. What makes woven wood shades unique is the fabric that Hunter Douglas uses to craft them. Rather than using linen, silk, or another material, woven wood shades are created from natural plant fibers like reeds, grasses, and soft woods, which give woven wood shades their name. This gives woven wood shades a truly unique, pastoral aesthetic that will complement any space.

What are my choices for woven wood shades?

We’re not just talking about any woven wood shades here: we’re talking about Hunter Douglas woven wood shades. This means that, in addition to being beautiful, you have a wide selection of choices for your woven wood shades. For classic woven wood shade beauty, the Provenance® collection is crafted entirely by hand for an artisanal touch. You also have the Alustra® Woven Textures® collection provides you with a unique approach to light control that gently filters light through the loose weave of the shade’s fabric.  No matter what you need, there is a perfect woven wood shade for your space.

What light control do woven wood shades provide?

Hunter Douglas woven wood shades generally provide a gentle approach to light control that is similar to sheer shadings and other semi-translucent window shades. The weave of woven wood fabrics is intentionally loose to give your windows a lovely light dappling effect. However, if you find yourself loving the beautiful look of woven wood shades but need more complete light control, you can still enjoy woven wood shades by purchasing an additional fabric liner for your shades.

To learn more about Hunter Douglas woven wood shades for homes near Federal Way, WA, contact Geneva’s Interiors today! Our showroom is conveniently located in Federal Way, WA, but we also proudly serve Federal Way, Tacoma, Kent, WA and Des Moines, IA.