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Using Hardwood Shutters in Layered Designs

The beauty of hardwood shutters is well, their natural beauty. The clean lines, premium craftsmanship, and sleek profile of wooden plantation shutters all help create an aura of polished arboreal beauty. In residential homes that chic style combined with the utilitarian functionality of the hardwood shutters to control light, privacy, and natural ventilation make this style of window treatment incredibly desirable. Adding to their desirability is the fact that hardwood shutters make stunning window treatments on their own or when used in layered window fashions. Hardwood shutters can pair with a variety of other window treatments from cornices to full drapery, which can all have marvelous results as long as your design is cognizant of what styles and treatments work best with hardwood shutters.

Heritance® Hardwood Shutters Federal Way, Washington (WA) tips for using hardwood shutters in window treatments.

Tips for Using Hardwood Shutters in Layered Treatments

Keep the Look Symmetrical

Hardwood shutters have an incredibly precise and linear symmetry; in fact, that linear precision is a feature that hardwood shades are known and loved for. So, when pairing hardwood shutters with other window coverings it’s important to respect that symmetry by choosing treatments that can match it, otherwise the overall treatment will feel lopsided and off balance. For example, drapery paired with hardwood shutters work if the drapes are split in the middle and pulled evenly to the left and right side; drapery that opens from left to right and remain stacked only on one side when open won’t work as well with hardwood shutters.

Balance Design Elements

When using hardwood shutters with soft treatments you need to balance the symmetry of the window fashion but also the design aesthetics. Most hardwood shutters come in natural wood tones or solid neutral colors (like black and white), so they make great bases to play against fabric window shades with bold patterns, prints, or textures. The hard construction of shutters also plays well against the softness of drapery, sheer shades or Roman shades for balanced design elements within the layered treatment.

Proper Mounting

A key element to styling layered window treatments that include hardwood shutters is the way the second layer is mounted. The second layer should be installed well outside the border of the hardwood shutters to ensure the shutter is easily accessible and that the treatment has the widest range of mobility.

Popular Pairings for Hardwood Shutters

Simple Pairings

If increasing privacy isn’t a primary concern, a simple pairing of hardwood shutters and a valance or side panels creates a chic and graceful window fashion that keeps the arboreal beauty of hardwood shutters front and center.


To increase the light blocking abilities of layered treatments with hardwood blinds choose lined forms of fabric treatments for the second layer. Roman shades or full drapery complement the light blocking abilities of hardwood shutters especially when hung strategically wider than the shutters themselves to block light leaks around the edges of shutters.

Learn more about hardwood shutters and their usefulness in layered window treatments by contacting the design team at Geneva’s Interiors. Geneva’s Interiors carries the range of plantation style shutters from Hunter Douglas including Heritance® Hardwood Shutters. We are located in Federal Way, WA and are proud to serve the surrounding area including Tacoma, Kent, and Des Moines, WA. Request a consultation today.